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Virus-Like Particle display for long-lasting vaccine protection

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AdaptVac aims to development highly effective and long-lasting therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines within oncology, infectious diseases and immunological disorders.

AdaptVac's lead candidate, ABNCoV2 COVID-19 vaccine, has met its primary objective in Phase 3, demonstrating non-inferiority to the Comirnaty® mRNA-vaccine. Additionally, safety data from 4,205 individuals followed up for 2 months post vaccination showed ABNCoV2 to be well-tolerated with no serious adverse events being reported. 

To date, ABNCoV2 has demonstrated best-in-class 12 month durable antibody response in PhII.


Latest news

December 1st, 2023

AdaptVac’s Phase III validated cVLP platform central to new Nipah virus vaccine pandemic preparedness effort 

Phase 3 validated
Tag/Catcher cVLP display platform

AdaptVac's iso-peptide display platform utilises our proprietary MoonCatcher/Tag pair.

Furthermore, the cVLP is based on Tag or Catcher fused Bacteriophage AP205 capsid protein, which spontaneously forms a capsid Virus-Like Particle during production in E.coli.

MoonCatcher and AP205 have now been through Phase 3 clinical testing in our ABNCoV2 COVID-19 vaccine program. Demonstrating safety and regulatory acceptance for our platform.

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